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    Australian Art Hub is a space for Local Australian Artists to showcase and sell prints of their artwork.

    We offer a diverse range of prints for sale online - to suit all tastes and budgets. Don't get the print everyone else has - get the Art print YOU want!

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    Run BY Artists FOR Artists! Australian Art Hub is an Online Gallery that is Run at No Cost to our Artists - and we pay our Artists a large portion of all work sold...that's the Australian way!

    Artists Wanted - JOIN US!

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Welcome to the Australian Art Hub!

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Online Exhibition

"Australian Summer"


Red Junction Paint and Mixed Media on Canvas. By S.Hoerisch
S.A Sunset Iconic South Australian Sunset at Lake Bonney S.A -Photography By L.Gully
Untitled Paint and Mixed Media on Canvas. By S.Hoerisch
Rocks at Robe Cliffs at the Beach in Robe in South Australia. Photograph By L.Gully

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